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Uniform Interface to Grid Services

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Contract No: 004279


Workpackage Objectives

Technology Foundations Interoperability Grid Economics Higher Level Services Applications Standards Dissemination & Exploitation Management Collaboration

WP 1 - Technology Foundations

  • Extend the UNICORE infrastructure to meet the fundamental requirements of current applications.
  • Incorporate an "explicit trust" delegation mechanism into Unicore/GS and integrate this with emerging standards on security and authorisation
  • Provide a flexible service construction framework, turning Unicore/GS into a 'Generic Service Portal'.
  • Extend the UNICORE Client to utilize Web Services for all transactions with the server components, and to offer grid-service style extension interfaces.
  • Provide a deployment and testing infrastructure that addresses the dual needs of user support and developer feedback.
  • Provide light weight Certification Authority and Virtual Organisation Management.

WP 2 - Interoperability

  • Provide two-way interoperability of Unicore/GS (using WP1 results) and a foreign Grid system, most probably Globus Toolkit version 4
  • Produce an ontology for a number of resource models, e.g. CIM, GLUE, UNICORE· Extend the GRIP resource broker to work across Grids and integrate with the Unicore/GS front end and server
  • Design and integrate a pragmatic cross authentication mechanism that works between Unicore/GS and the foreign system

WP 3 - Grid Economics

  • Develop a standard interface to brokering as a Web Service· Develop a broker that can handle economic information

WP 4 - Higher Level Services

  • Develop tools for scientific visualisation and steering. Integration of the VISIT solution with the OGSA framework
  • Extend interactive access to the remote connection service with session management· Develop mechanisms and tools to access remote instruments. Integrate measurements with computations
  • Develop file transfer service including data filter based on the existing protocols and standards.
  • Provide tools and mechanisms to access to distributed data. Integrate existing solutions with the OGSA infrastructure

WP 5 - Applications

  • Deployment of test beds using the middleware and the services developed in WP1 to WP4 to demonstrate the new capabilities
  • Prove the UniGrids concepts using applications from life and earth sciences
  • Reengineer one industrial application using the Grid Services approach

WP 6- Standards

  • Objectives (Standardisation)
  • Influence the standardisation process for selected Grid standards
  • Promote European research results
  • Leverage member participation in standards organisations (GGF, OASIS, IETF, W3C)

WP 7 - Dissemination & Exploitation

  • Offer Unicore/GS to other projects and solicit their feedback
  • Strong links to other projects
  • Maintain web presence
  • Wider uptake of UniGrids results
  • Maintain a presence at relevant conferences and exhibitions
  • Make software available outside the project via website
  • Unicore/GS tutorials at major conferences and via AccessGrid
  • Pilot offering and dissemination of Unicore/GS based services
  • Support and Maintenance for Unicore/GS pilot environments

WP 8 - Management

  • Goal-oriented scientific, administrative and financial management of UniGrids
  • Quality assurance for project deliverables and outputs
  • Organisation of regular project meetings and management board meetings
  • Organisation of regular reviews
  • Timely submission of project deliverables
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Impact assessment and its results, achievements and strategies to increase impact.

WP 9 - Collaboration

  • exploit synergies / technical concertation
  • build joint forums for exchange and dissemination
  • Co-ordinate of standardisation efforts
  • set up a repository of reference implementations and Grid middleware
  • collaborate on research inventories and roadmaps
  • define indicators for measuring projects and impact assessment
  • offer training activities of all Grid related projects in the 6th Framework Programme.


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