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Papers & Presentations

Interoperability of Resource Description Across Grid Domain Boundaries John Brooke, Donal Fellows, Jon Maclaren, University of Manchester. Paper presented by John Brooke at ECCOMAS 2004 Jyväskylä, Finland, 24–28 July 2004.

Interoperability of Resource Description Across Grid Domain Boundaries: Presentation given at ECCOMAS by John Brooke, Jyväskylä, Finland, 28 July 2004.

Resource Brokering: The EuroGrid/GRIP approach John Brooke, Donal Fellows, Jon Maclaren, University of Manchester. Paper to be presented at the All Hands UK e-Science Meeting, 31st Aug- 3rd Sept. 2004, Nottingham UK.

UNICORE, GRIP, and UniGrids Evolution: Presentation given at the European Grid Technology Day 2004 by Dietmar Erwin, September 16, 2004, Brussels, Belgium.

Explicit Trust Delegation: Security for Dynamic Grids Dave Snelling, Sven van den Berge, Vivian Li. Paper published in FUJITSU SCIENTIFIC &TECHNICAL JOURNAL(FSTJ) - Special Issue on Grid Computing, December 2004 Issue (Vol.40, No.2).

Grid Computing: Von der Vision zur Realisierung Dietmar Erwin; Presentation at IIR Kongress: IT-Leiter TrendTage 2005, Cologne, 22nd February 2005

Modelling and Managing State in Distributed Systems: The Role of OGSI and WSRF Foster, I.; Czajkowski, K.; Ferguson, D.F.; Frey, J.; Graham, S.; Maguire, T.; Snelling, D.; Tuecke, S. Page(s): 604- 612

Web Services Agreement based Resource Negotiation in UNICORE Morris Riedel, Volker Sander, Philipp Wieder, and Jiulong Shan. Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'05), Las Vegas, USA, Hamid R. Arabnia (ed.), pp. 31-37, CSREA Press, June 27-30, 2005

Self-managing Functions in Web Services Agreement-based Autonomic Grids Morris Riedel, Volker Sander, Markus Fidler; 1st IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Autonomic Grid Networking and Management (AGNM'05) at the First International Week on Management of Networks and Services (Manweek05), Barcelona , Spain , October, 2005

Object Migration Pattern: Towards Stateful Web Services in Grid Environments Morris Riedel The 3rd IEEE European Conference on Web Services (IEEE ECOWS 2005), Växjö , Sweden , November 2005

Enhancing Scientific Workflows with Secure Shell Functionality in UNICORE Grids Morris Riedel, Daniel Mallmann, Achim Streit;1st IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, Melbourne (eScience05), Australia , December, 2005

An Architecture for Distributed Grid Brokering D. Fellows, J.M. Brooke; Paper in Proceedings of 11th International Euro-Par Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, Eds. José C. Cunha, Pedro D. Medeiros, Springer LNCS 3648, p. 475, 2005

A PDA Client for the Computational Grid J. Brooke, M. Parkin; Paper in proceedings of Emerging Technologies for Next Generation Grid (ETNGRID-2005). Linkoping University, Sweden, 2005 ( IEEE Press)

Unicore-UniGrids Activities and Strategies for Open Source Grids John Brooke University of Manchester; GridCoord workshop "The use of open middlewares for Grids", October 12th 2005, Sophia Antipolis

"A new Grid-based Service-Model for HPC" Alfred Geiger, T-Systems SfR; Presentation at SUN's exhibition booth SC2005, Seattle USA; 16 November 2005

"Standardization Processes of the UNICORE Grid System" Morris Riedel, Daniel Mallmann, Research Centre Juelich, Austrian Grid Symposium,Linz, Austria; 1 December 2005

"Actual Trends in High-Performance Computing and new Service-Models based on Grid-Technology", Alfred Geiger, T-Systems SfR, Contribution to the Workshop CFD in Reactor-Safety, Garching Germany, 5 December 2005

"Service-Grids: From Vision to Reality", Alfred Geiger; Presentation at TransferDirekt on December 13th 2005 Siegen, Germany

"Enhancing Scientific Workflows with Secure Shell Functionality in UNICORE Grids", Morris Riedel, Daniel Mallmann, Achim Streit, Research Centre Juelich, 1st IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing (eScience05), IEEE Proceedings; ed.: H. Stockinger, R. Buyya, R. Perrott. - 2005. - S. 132 - 139, Melbourne, Australia; 5-8 December, 2005

"The Web Services Architecture and the UNICORE Gateway", Roger Menday, Research Centre Juelich, International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services ICIW'06, Guadeloupe, French Caribbean; 23-25 February 2006

"UniGrids Streaming Framework. Enabling streaming for the new generation grid", Krzysztof Benedyczak, Aleksander Nowinski, Krzysztof S. Nowinski, Piotr Bala, ICM, PARA 2006 Umea
Sweden; 18-21 June 2006

Business-Models for Grid-Services based on UNICORE, Alfred Geiger (TS-SfR), Paolo Malfetti (CINECA), Dietmar Erwin (FZJ), Hans-Christian Hoppe (Intel), Daniel Mallmann (FZJ)


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