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Grid Resource Ontology

Uniform Interface to Grid Services

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Grid Resource Ontology

UniGridS is developing a Grid Resource Ontology based on the ontology developed in the GRIP project.

After a sucessful presentation at the FP6 Concertation meeting in Brussels in May 2005, where a proposal was put forward for a Grid Resource Ontology Working Group to be set up, a number of EU projects have joined the UniGridS project to work towards a standard Grid Resource Ontology.

UniGrid in collaboration with OntoGrid has developed a reference Grid Resource Ontology. We present the version GRO_v1.0, recently updated to version GRO_v1.5 which is still work in progress. The ontology is coded in the W3C ontology language OWL. Details of OWL are available from the W3C web site There are a range of tools available for editing OWL documents. The GRO is intended to be developed in further discussions by the Grid community.

We have also continued to develop the Grid Resource Ontology into a fuller Grid Ontology. This work was in collaboration with the OntoGrid FP6 Project (STREP 511513) and the UK e-Science RealityGrid Project (EPSRC Grant GR/R67699/01 and GR/R67699/02). The ontology is now modularized since we wish to have a base ontology that makes as few assumptions as possible about the manner in which the Grid is constructed. The ontology is available here as Grid Ontology v2.0. It is available as a zip file which expands to five OWL files. Base.owl is the foundation ontology and Globus.owl, Unicore.owl and Ogsa-ontology.owl extend this to the terms used by particular implementations of Grid middleware (note that the base ontology does not make any assumptions about implementation on Web services or any other kind of standard). Finally we have a module S-OGSAOntology.owl which provides the Semantic Grid extensions to OGSA developed by the OntoGrid project. Please address any comments on the ontology to John Brooke.


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