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Uniform Interface to Grid Services

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Contract No: 004279


Call for Collaboration

The UniGrids project would like to invite collaboration with European IST Grid projects and other Grid projects in the areas of:

  • Grid middleware development
  • Higher level services
  • Applications and user scenarios

The collaboration will be based on the current Unicore software and the future Unicore/GS, a Web Services infrastructure based on the Open Grid Services Architecture and Unicore.

Collaborating projects need to deploy and use the software within their project. They will get support in the deployment and configuration of the software on a best effort base by the partners of the UniGrids project. Their comments, suggestions and requirements will be integrated in the development of the final version of Unicore/GS. Ideally, components developed in the collaborating projects should be exchanged and reused. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

All collaboration activities should also consider to influence the related standardisation processes.

Grid middleware development

The collaboration in the area of Grid middleware development should focus on one or more of the following topics:

  • Resource, job and workflow descriptions
  • Brokering and cross-resource scheduling
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Registries and discovery mechanisms
  • Hosting environments;

Higher level services

The collaboration in the development of higher level services will focus on:

  • File transfer
  • Database access
  • Visualisation and steering of simulations
  • Access to remote instruments;

Applications and user scenarios

The collaboration in the area of applications and user scenarios encourages users to find out how Grid computing especially based on Unicore eases their current work and opens up new opportunities to improve their work.

  • Plugin development
  • Client API with user tier functionality

For further information contact Dietmar Erwin or Daniel Mallmann.

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